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1袁朝晖Sleep-aware mode assignment in wireless embedded systems2011年8月期刊论文SCI检索
2陈红丽Study on Trust-Based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation strategy2012年6月期刊论文EI检索
3汤文亮A Two-Dimensional Millimeter Wave Imaging Radiometer for Object Detection2012年4月期刊论文EI检索
4刘海波Efficient Distortion Model Based on H.2642011年9月会议论文EI检索
5万仲保Improving the trust algorithm of information in semantic web2012年6月会议论文EI检索
6张红斌Combining an Improved Authorities and Hubs Algorithm with a New Multi-layer Classifier in a Topic Search Engine2011年10月期刊论文EI检索
7郑丹Application of An Artificial Neural Network on Railway Passenger Flow Prediction2011年12月会议论文EI检索
8周莉A Method for Exporting Relational Schema into Document Type Definition2011年12月会议论文EI检索
9喻岗SAR Imagery Stepwise Co-registration Based on RD Model and Coherence Oversample2011年9月会议论文EI检索
10王艳Multi-Party Fair Ring-Exchange scheme based on group signcryption2011年7月会议论文EI检索
11严丽平Communication mechanism of the monitor system of the ternary optical computer2011年12月期刊论文EI检索
12严丽平Design and realization of forest fire monitoring system based on image analysis2012年1月期刊论文EI检索
13汤文亮Research on Node Deployment Optimization Based on WSN2011年8月International Conference on Management Science and Intelligent Control
14莫林利RESEARCH ON MOBILE IPV6 TECHNOLOGY AND HANDOVER PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION2011年9月 2nd International Conference on Network Engineering and Computer Science (ICNECS 2011)
15王艳A Fast Repair Code Based on Regular Graphs for Distributed Storage Systems2012年5月26th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium